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Roof Damage From a Recent Storm, What Next?

We can all agree that a home’s roof is essential, as it provides shelter and protection from the outside world. And while roofs are designed to withstand severe weather, they can get damaged by hail, debris, and wind. When that happens, it’s important to understand the necessary steps that you need to take in order to get your roof fixed. 

Assess the Damage

Approximate damage assessment is extremely important, as it allows you to better discuss your needs with your insurance company. Additionally, without proper assessment, you might end up with unforeseen costs and repair discrepancies. 

So how can you handle roof assessment? First of all, you should use a pair of binoculars to check the damaged areas. That way, you can avoid climbing up the roof and putting yourself in danger. Next, try to estimate the general square foot area and specific details of the damage. Look for any exposed tar paper, plywood, and missing shingles, and write down their location. You should also note the color and shade of your shingles to tell a roofing contractor what material you require. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

After the assessment, you need to contact your insurance company and learn more about your insurance plan. They will be able to estimate if the damage is large enough to be covered through home insurance. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Generally speaking, home insurance covers your roof if it gets damaged for reasons beyond your control. For example, home insurances cover everything from fire and vandalism to extreme weather such as tornadoes, storms, and hurricanes. Similarly, some insurances can also help in case of moderate weather incidents like rain, wind, and hail. 

However, the overall coverage depends on multiple factors, including the area where you live and the age of your roof. Additionally, make sure that you document any roof damage when filing a claim. Otherwise, you might end up not receiving enough money for all the repairs you may have to do. 

What About Roof Warranty?

Usually, roofing companies will also give you a warranty when installing your roof. Yet, it’s important to understand that not all roof warranties are the same. In fact, most of them don’t cover weather-related issues or other similar problems. Even so, it’s worth contacting your roofing contractor and checking the warranty information, especially if you recently purchased a new roof. 

Contact a Reliable Roofing Contractor

After you talk with your insurance company, you will need to look for a reliable roofing contractor. A good roofing contractor will be able to do their own damage assessments and estimate the overall costs. Then, they repair or replace your roof, depending on its condition. However, keep in mind that you should only hire certified contractors and not any storm chasers with no credentials. 

Luckily, you can always rely on Tadlock Roofing for any of your roofing needs. Our highly experienced team is ready to analyze, repair, and replace any roof, no matter how much damage it has sustained. And thanks to our commitment to our clients, you can be sure that you will receive one of the best prices in the area. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take advantage of our free estimate offer!

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Tadlock Roofing has provided quality service to the North and Central Florida area since 1980. All of our work is personally guaranteed. We provide solutions to fit any roofing budget, and are your source for residential or commercial roofing needs – from new construction to repairs, re-roofs, maintenance and insulation. We also specialize in low slope and steep slope roofing systems. All of our work includes the very best manufacturer-certified warranties with up to 50-year non-prorated system coverage.

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