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F. A. Q
F. A. Q
Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions Tadlock receives from its customers. We are here to educate and assist our customers, so they are able to make an informed decision about their roofing needs.
A notice of commencement is a document showing your local building department you are ready to start a home improvement project. It must be notarized and once filed, allows Tadlock Roofing to pull a permit and start your new roof!
There are several key indicators, including granular depletion, brittleness, and damage. Depending on quite a few variables, different roofs age at different rates. When your shingles lose granules and become brittle it may be time for a replacement.
Other than turning up the air conditioning, there is one main way your roof system can help to cool your space. Ventilation! Proper attic ventilation can have a big impact on your utility bill.
In ideal conditions, your roof should last around 20 years. Unfortunately, life throws variables our way that can change this timeline. Tree coverage, debris left on the roof, and other factors will affect the lifespan of your shingles.
If you didn’t know, squirrels’ teeth grow constantly throughout their lives. In order to combat this they like to grind their teeth down on anything hard. Unfortunately, this can include the lead pipe boots commonly used on roofs. At Tadlock Roofing, we employ a “squirrel guard” which helps to alleviate this problem.
All plumbing requires ventilation to function properly. This is usually accomplished by venting a pipe through the attic and out the roof. A “boot” is used to flash these pipes to the roofing system.

As the name states, a multi-fit boot can go in several sizes. The issue that may arise is the lack of a “snug” fit.

There may be several answers to this question. Either your shingles have passed the end of their useful life and have been damaged in some manner or they were improperly installed. An inspection of your roof should reveal the reason your shingles are slipping.
If properly installed, gutters should not have a negative impact on your roof. Properly installed gutters will significantly help your foundation and surrounding areas.

A valley is an area where two roof planes come together at an angle. Reasons for leaking are many and can be diagnosed with an inspection by Tadlock Roofing.

Flat roofing can be tricky and should be avoided if possible. Even most commercial buildings have a slight slope to allow water to move off the roof. A tapered insulation can be added to flat roofing to get the water moving in the right direction.
Imagine a broom sweeping the floor… It’s moving debris and scraping the floor. The same can happen when a limb full of leaves or a palm frond rub against your roof in the wind. They will slowly scrape the granules off the roof and severely damage the shingles.

An inspection is the only way to definitively know if your skylight is leaking. It is usually caused by flashing and or caulking that has been either improperly installed or has gone bad.

This is (mostly) entirely up to you. Metal roofing will be more expensive than shingles but both are very good at keeping your home dry and protected. If you have an HOA, check with them before deciding to install metal.
The granular surface of a shingle serves multiple purposes. They provide the color for the shingle but most importantly they provide a sunscreen for the asphalt. Just as a roadway dries and cracks over the years, your roof will dry and crack.

The granules that protect the asphalt at the heart of your shingles can be “blown away” almost like a crater from a meteorite. This exposes the asphalt and causes the shingles to age more quickly.

It depends on how you wash it. A high-pressure wash will absolutely damage your shingles. A soft wash with approved chemicals can be a good alternative to pressure washing.
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