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Leaking Roofs Can Lead to Mold

Leaking roofs are something that many homeowners have dealt with at least once. It’s important to call in the professionals to pinpoint the exact cause because ignoring a leaking roof can have devastating effects. In fact, most people don’t know just how bad these effects can be.

Signs That Your Roof Is Leaking

There are a few things you can do to figure out if there you’re experiencing a leaking roof. For example, water spots or the ceiling paint getting darker are clues something is wrong. Sometimes there may even be a drip that comes and goes and it’s important to get the leak checked even if it’s occurring at irregular intervals.If you start to notice your walls are forming their own ecosystem (I.e. mossy and moldy exterior walls), it’s time to get your roof inspected, as this could be a sign your downspouts or gutters are experiencing an issue and they each play an integral role in your roofing system. 

Not only that, but a musty smell and degradation of the air quality provide hints that you are dealing with mold. 

Even if you manage to detect some of the signs, it’s difficult for someone without a skilled-eye to identify where the actual problem originated. Water can travel through the walls and it can result in unseen damage. It may take you days to find a leak or any telltale signs thereof. 

All About Mold and Your Roof Leak

A leaking roof can lead to mold in just a couple of days. As soon as the water stagnates, mold spores will germinate inside the moist surface. If conditions such as the presence of organic matter and water are met, mold can begin to form in just 48 hours. There are two types of mold often encountered after a roof leak.

The first and the easiest to fix type of mold is limited growth. It usually occurs if the attic has good ventilation and there is little to no condensation. As a result, moisture accumulates only in the area of the actual leak. Repairing the roof and then cleaning off the mold spores should be enough to get rid of this kind of mold.

Systematic growth is harder to get rid of and will require professional help. This type of mold occurs if there is enough moisture to cause mold growth in the whole attic area. Without proper help, systematic growth could spread throughout the attic and eventually the rest of the house.

What Should You Do To Avoid Mold?

It doesn’t matter what type of mold you might end up dealing with; you need to fix it fast. Mold spores can spread through the house and could cause allergies and respiratory problems. Any delay in handling mold can lead to serious health problems for people living in the house. And while removing it can solve your problems, repairing the roof would help you avoid further issues.

If you are dealing with any kind of leaks or roof damage, you can give Tadlock Roofing a call. We specialize in inspecting and repairing all types of roof damage. You can count on our professional team to handle your leaks and you can relax knowing that your roof is safe again. When you think about Tadlock, think about efficiency and quality!


The bottom line is that a leaking roof can lead to further, more serious damage. While not the only result of a leak, mold is one of the most dangerous ones we can think of. Regular roof inspections are important if you are looking to prevent future leaks. And like we always say — prevention is better than cure.

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