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Home Fixes You Must Complete Before Selling

When planning to sell your property, you want to maximize its sale potential. But do you know what turns away buyers the most? A long and comprehensive list of items that they’ll need to fix if they decide to purchase your home. 

Unfortunately, due to budget and time constraints, it’s not always possible to fix your entire property before selling. As a result, we’ve created a list of some of the most important home fixes you need to complete before putting your property on the market. So keep reading if you want to attract potential buyers!

Home Exterior

For starters, you need to understand that first impressions matter. Therefore, it’s best you begin with your home’s exterior. Does it have any major flaws, like wall cracks, damaged doors, or missing paint? Then you should fix them as soon as you can.


One of the most important aspects of your home’s exterior is its roof. That’s because a damaged roof can lower your property’s value and even cause additional structural problems. A perfect roof shouldn’t have any missing or broken shingles, tiles, or ridge caps. Similarly, the sealant might experience cracks, blisters, and bubbles, so make sure to replace it immediately. And don’t forget the underlayment, as any holes can allow water to infiltrate inside your attic.


Generally speaking, yard drainage should slope away from your home’s foundation. But if water collects near your foundation when it rains, you might have to re-grade the yard or remove some concrete to solve the issue. Similarly, downspouts that direct water to the foundation of your home without a runoff may require replacement.

Exterior Doors

As noted earlier, damaged doors are a big no-no. Ideally, every aspect of your door, including handles, should be in good condition. The door leading to the garage should also feature fire-proof coatings. And, when it comes to sliding glass doors, you’ll want to properly align them on their tracks.

Home Interior

Having a great home exterior is not going to help you as long as the interior is in poor shape. As a result, you need to inspect and fix all parts of your home, from the bathroom and kitchen to the overall flooring.


It doesn’t matter if you have laminate or carpet flooring; everything should be in pristine condition. So make sure to replace cracked or chipped floor tiles and refinish dented hardwood. Also, remember to replace torn carpeting or steam clean it, particularly if you have pets.


Needless to say that cleaning your bathroom is essential when selling your home. You should also steam clean or regrout the tiles if necessary. And lastly, replacing the existing plumbing and lighting fixtures can add some extra value to your home.


Finally, potential buyers will most likely want to inspect the kitchen. Naturally, you want it to look as good as possible, so check the cabinets. Any damage, such as scratches and dents, should be fixed right away. Then, take a look at your appliances and decide if you want to update them. Sure, it might require you to spend some money, but new appliances will surely provide a great return on investment.

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With just a bit of effort and some DIY elbow grease, you can easily improve the value of your home before selling it. However, while you could handle most repairs, it’s always best to leave your roof in the hands of a professional.

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