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The roof is one of the vital components of a home. It holds everything together and offers protection to everyone inside. As such, it requires the utmost care — you cannot put the fate of something that vital into just anyone’s hands.

Your home’s roof needs to be cared for by a team of professionals who will see your family as their own. Tadlock Roofing is a family-owned business that has been proudly serving Florida residents since 1980.

Tadlock Roofing — America’s Top 100 Roofing Contractor

Husband and wife duo, Dale and Pamela Tadlock, opened the doors on Tadlock Roofing the same year they joined hands in marriage in Tallahassee, Florida. Now, four decades later the two continue to serve as the leaders of this multi-million dollar operation that holds offices in six Florida metros and counting.

Tadlock employs numerous experts and technicians in the roofing field who ensure that your home is always in safe hands. Specializing in commercial and residential roof replacements, repairs, and maintenance, Tadlock Roofing has earned the title of America’s Top 100 Roofing Contractor for four consecutive years. If you choose us as your roofing contractor, you will get extraordinary service, seasoned professionals, and customer care unlike any other.

How Tadlock Roofing Came to Be

Tadlock Roofing is one of the most successful roofing companies in Florida, and all this success stems from what we have built the company on — family values. We have given our everything to make the company feel like one tightly knit community rather than a business.

Essentially, we have transferred the love and connection we share as a family into the company. Loyalty, communication, and support are the most important aspects of our family’s relationship. The culture we have built here comes from that family dynamic.

Over the past 40 years, we have grown this business into what it is today. During these decades, we have established close relationships with families all around Tallahassee, Pensacola, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Sarasota.

Our dedication to clients and putting their wishes first is what sets us apart from all competitors. At Tadlock Roofing, you become a part of the family right away.

Meet the Owner

“I am Dale Tadlock, and I have been in the roofing industry for decades. In fact, it is hard to even look at my life without connecting it to my job. However, it is easy for a job to be your whole life if you are as dedicated to and in love with it as I am.

For me, roofing is much more than just a profession. I know that my team and company are doing something great for everyone we work with. I like to say that there’s a lot more to it than roofing; we are selling protection for people’s families. That’s near and dear to my heart.

It is precisely this view of roofing as protection and security that has enabled me to grow the business. People love to feel heard, understood, and safe. That is why a company that ensures all of that is so popular and will only continue to expand.”

Become a Part of the Family

If you’re thinking about repairing your roof or getting a new one and need a reliable contractor, Tadlock Roofing should be your number one choice. We’ll care for your home as if it was our own. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let’s get to work!

If you’re interested in career opportunities with Tadlock Roofing, check out what opportunities we have available on the careers page.

Tadlock Roofing
Tadlock Roofing

Tadlock Roofing has provided quality service to the North and Central Florida area since 1980. All of our work is personally guaranteed. We provide solutions to fit any roofing budget, and are your source for residential or commercial roofing needs – from new construction to repairs, re-roofs, maintenance and insulation. We also specialize in low slope and steep slope roofing systems. All of our work includes the very best manufacturer-certified warranties with up to 50-year non-prorated system coverage.

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