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Why Company Expansion is Important to our Mission

I love Tallahassee. I have lived here most of my life, and I am grateful to have grown up in such a wonderful community. Much of my family is from here, too, including my grandfather who was known back in the day as the community barber.

Tallahassee is where I started in the construction business which exposed me to roofing and presented my first opportunity to manage the production side of a roofing company. That led to the amazing opportunity to launch Tadlock Roofing in 1980 and begin a commitment to serve local homeowners and businesses for 37 years and counting.

Tallahassee is also where I made a much more important commitment – to my wonderful wife, Pamela, whom I married later that year. Together, we have built this business and raised an amazing family that includes seven children. We have tried to live with integrity, understanding and compassion, which I hope is evident by the work we do and how we treat our customers.

But as much as I love Tallahassee and everything it means to my family and me, I was very excited to expand our business footprint into other areas of Florida. In the past five years, we have opened fully staffed branches in Panama City, Jacksonville, Tampa and most recently Pensacola. The driving force behind this expansion has always been my devotion to my faith in Jesus Christ and fulfilling a promise to grow his Kingdom. I know from experience you can only make a difference in people’s lives and your community by leading by example and treating others with compassion, respect and forgiveness. My hope is that by expanding our company throughout Florida we will make a difference in our employees’ lives, the communities we serve and the industry as a whole.

Replacing your roof is a huge decision and significant investment, and we believe you deserve to be well educated about that decision and work with a team that you can trust.

It is our goal to raise the level of integrity in the roofing industry throughout the state by hiring qualified and experienced salespeople, installers and support staff, raising the bar for safety practices and providing educational resources for our customers. And we are doing that every day.

As we have moved into each market, we’ve learned that there are some outstanding roofing companies out there, but there are others that are looking to take advantage of homeowners who simply don’t know any better. We are trying to fix that. We want every homeowner to fully understand their options and have confidence that everything from a small repair to a complete re-roof will be done with the best materials by qualified installers in a manner that matches their expectations.

Getting a new roof will protect your home for decades to come. And I promise that if you place your trust in Tadlock Roofing, we will stand behind our work every step of the way.

Thank you for helping our dreams come true.

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Dale Tadlock
Dale Tadlock
Dale Tadlock

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