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Roof Cleaning Benefits and Methods
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In Florida’s hot, humid climate, it’s not uncommon to see dark blue-green or black patches of algae dotting rooftops in your neighborhood—or even on your own roof. Though it might seem benign, albeit unsightly, this growth can be detrimental to a roof’s surface, and if you’ve spotted it on your roof, you should have it professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

Why you should have your roof cleaned

One obvious benefit to having your roof cleaned is that it increases your home’s curb appeal and helps maintain its value. In addition to keeping your home looking great, keeping your roof clean will help it last longer. Roofing materials break down faster when not kept clean. Though algae growth is largely a cosmetic issue, the algae can feed off limestone in asphalt shingles. Algae or moss that grows thick on a shingled roof can create space between shingles and cause the decking underneath to be exposed to moisture, which can cause rot and leaks.

Regardless of what kind of growth plagues your roof, in most cases, the cost of keeping your roof clean can pay for itself many times over by extending your roof’s lifespan and saving you money on repairs and replacements.

How to clean your roof

There are several available options for removing algae from your roof, including pressure washing or soft washing with detergents, including bleach, but these “solutions” can cause premature aging and additional damage to your roof. The pressure from the wash can loosen the protective granules on your shingles, and harsh detergents in soft washes can break down shingles, discolor wood shake and tile and accelerate corrosion on metal roofing systems. After soft washing, runoff can accelerate corrosion of metal gutter and downspout systems and harm plant life.

While these cleaning methods may appear to remove the algae growth from your roof, they don’t do much to prevent the algae from returning. When the algae inevitably return, so does the cycle of repeatedly washing your roof, which can really start to cause damage.

A much better alternative to this cycle is to use an algaecide or fungicide approved for use on roofs, such as Roof-A-Cide. A light spray of the algaecide not only kills the algae on your roof, but is guaranteed to prevent it from returning for at least two years. Though there are other algaecides commercially available, Roof-A-Cide is the only roof cleaning and stain prevention product approved by the EPA and every major roofing manufacturer to remove and prevent algae growth. Roof-A-Cide offers several cleaning solutions that are both chlorine- and caustic-free, which can be used to clean a roof safely and effectively without risking damage to the roof or the surrounding property.

Whatever solution you choose, do not attempt to clean your roof yourself. Walking on your roof is already potentially dangerous, for both you and the roof, without slippery algae being involved. Stay safe and hire a professional roofing contractor or roof cleaning service to get the job done.

For more information on roof cleaning and maintenance, call Tadlock Roofing toll-free today at 855-964-7663.

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