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Questions You Must Ask Roofing Contractors
Contractor questions

Roofer Questions That Could Make or Break Your Home Upgrade

When dealing with something as detail-oriented as roof repair and installation, finding the right contractor is key. Of course, we use high-quality materials as well, but if we place them in the wrong hands — there’s nothing that could save our home from severe damage. To prevent any issues and ensure you’ve made the right call, we have gathered all the roofer questions you should ask before letting anyone even come near your home.

Roofer Questions — 6 Things Clients Need to Know

1. How Long Have You Been Repairing and Installing Roofs?

Decades-long roofing experience is a sure sign that a roofing contractor has seen it all and knows how to deal with every issue out there. Without years’ worth of experience, there’s no real way to tell if they’ll do a good job or not. Therefore, before moving on to other roofer questions, make sure you’ve checked how much of an expert the contractor is. It’s the only way you can have some peace of mind.

2. Are You Licensed and Insured? 

Business licensing is obligatory in some states, but even if that’s the case, we still need to check whether the license has expired in the meantime. A roofing contractor without a valid license is best kept at bay. They give off the impression that they aren’t that serious about their line of work. 

Similarly, if the roofing contractor doesn’t have insurance — cross them out right now. Without insurance, they cannot protect their workers and can make the whole project a huge liability.

3. Is There a List of References and Previous Jobs I Could Take a Look At? 

Now, even if the contractor has years and years of experience, we cannot simply take their word for it. At the very least, we ought to check and see what other homeowners have said about their work.

Getting in touch with the local Better Business Bureau Department is a good way of checking if the contractor has any complaints to their name. Even better, you can ask them directly for a list of references and previous projects you can browse through. 

If they agree to give you such a list — that already speaks volumes about them. However, don’t forget to check their social media pages; most people rely on these to leave positive or negative reviews.

4. Do You Have Both a Physical Address and a Website? 

Although the online world has taken over, businesses should have physical addresses as well in case clients have some issues they need to follow up on. Without one, we cannot really trust the roofing contractor completely; there’s a good chance we wouldn’t know where to find them should a problem occur!

Still, they need to have a fully functioning website, too, and it should not only look professional but also contain all the information you may need regarding the business. 

Apart from all the other roofer questions you might have, it’s imperative to check the contractor’s credibility. Therefore, all the information on the website should be entirely correct.

5. Do You Outsource Your Workers or Do It All By Yourself? 

Sometimes, roofing contractors have to outsource their workers, and there’s really nothing wrong with that in particular. Nevertheless, most people are wary of such contractors. More often than not, they are trying to cut costs by hiring an inexperienced workforce. So, to prevent any issues, check if the subcontractors are insured and licensed, as well as qualified enough to take on roofing jobs.

6. Will You Put Everything We Agree On in Writing? 

Without a written proposal that carries the contractor’s signature, we don’t have anything “physical” to rely on. We cannot just shake hands with them and expect them to hold up their end of the bargain — that’s not how business works. So, to stay on the safe side, make sure you have everything in writing, from the scope of work and start/end dates to payment information.

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