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Leaking Roof? Here’s what to know
Leaking Roof

Top 6 Culprits Behind a Leaky Roof, and How to Fix Them

Because roofs are such giant structures, when something goes awry with them, trying to solve the problem could feel overwhelming. However, a leaky roof isn’t something that should be brushed off or taken lightly. Furthermore, it could be the first sign of a crumbling construction that might even put us in danger.

To prevent this from happening, we’ve created a list of the most common reasons for roof leaks. Keep reading to find out what is to blame for a leaky roof and what we can do to fix it.

Cracks in the Flashing or Vent Booting

If the flashing is exposed to strong winds or a roofer uses tar to seal it, it will start corroding over time. When that happens, we’ll notice areas on our roof start to leak, which could end up ruining our whole house. To fix the issue, we’ll need to remove the cracked segments and replace them with new flashing.

Additionally, cracks in the vent booting are typically quite easy to spot. We’ll see dark spots forming alongside the area of the leak, indicating that there’s an issue with booting. Because these vents are crucial in preventing excess moisture from getting inside of our homes, we must address the leak quickly. We’ll first need a knife to start removing the rubber around the leaky vent. Next, we ought to secure the new boot on both sides and caulk the shingles to the new flashing.

Damaged Shingles

Because shingles are exposed to the elements all the time, they are extremely likely to suffer damage. Luckily, cracked shingles are, more often than not, incredibly easy to spot. For example, if we see little bits and pieces of the shiny material all over our yard, that probably means there are a few damaged or broken shingles on our roof.

To stop our roof from leaking, we need to remove and replace these and secure them in place.

Faults in the Construction of the Roof

Sadly, not every roofer is an expert at their job. Sometimes, mistakes that happen during the construction could cause a roof to leak. For example, if the valleys haven’t been sealed properly, they’ll start letting water seep through. To determine whether that is the cause of the leakage, we’ll need to look for wet spots along the seams of our roof.

Ice Dam Buildup and Improper Condensation

The ice dam is what prevents water that comes from melted snow to seep into our home. However, sometimes, the contrasting temperatures inside and outside of the home, coupled with the weight of the snow, could put a lot of pressure on it and damage it.

If we see an ice dam starting to form, we can use a melting product on the area to get rid of it. Additionally, we can try to prevent the issue from occurring by clearing the snow off with a roof rake.

In the same vein, leaks can start happening because of the poor condensation in our attic. The leaks could also occur because of the difference in temperatures. Luckily, improper condensation is quite easy to spot, as the mold smell will be pretty obvious to most of us. To fix a leak caused by condensation, we’ll need to isolate our attic and make sure the roof vents are clean at all times.

Clogged Gutters

When there’s a blockage in our gutters, they could start pooling and sending the water back up the roof. In doing so, they’ll start creating leaks all over our home. Luckily, the issue is typically quite obvious, and we can simply clean our gutters to fix it.

Cracks in the Chimney

Because our chimneys are always exposed to the elements, they go through a lot of wear and tear. To stop the roof from leaking as a result of cracks in the chimney, we need to locate the source first. Then, we’ll have to fix the damage by replacing the missing mortar.

Final Thoughts

As we now know, leaky roofs shouldn’t be taken lightly. Moreover, we need to address the underlying issue as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. Call Tadlock Roofing Today!

Tadlock Roofing
Tadlock Roofing

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