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Do You Have Asphalt Shingles on Your Roof?

According to statistics, over 70% of American roofs have asphalt shingles. Compared to old-fashioned wood or cement models and shakes, asphalt shingles reign supreme in every way imaginable.

But why are so many people choosing this shingle type? What are the benefits that make asphalt shingles so popular? Read on to find out!

1.   Affordable Price

The low price of asphalt shingles is one of the driving factors for their surge in popularity. They allow you to install quality shingles without breaking the bank, which is essential in these trying times.

2.   Great Stylistic Variety

You can find asphalt shingles in virtually any shape and color, meaning that they can complement your home no matter the interior. In addition, you can easily match them to your neighborhood style to fit right in if that’s what you want.

3.   Easy Maintenance

Compared to other models, asphalt shingles are as low-maintenance as it gets. In most cases, just an annual inspection is enough to keep them in tip-top shape.

4.   Easy Installation

Next, asphalt shingles are also quick to install. While wood shingles or clay tiles can take several days to mount, putting up asphalt models can be done in a single day (depending on the roof size).

5.   Excellent Durability

Considering their pricing, asphalt shingles are incredibly durable. If there is no outside damage to the roof, these shingles can last anywhere between 20 and 30 years.

Of course, it is necessary to perform regular checkups on your roof during this period. Although annual inspections are best, it is okay to do them more sporadically if you can see no apparent damage.

6.   High Resistance

Asphalt shingles have great temperature-coping abilities, and they are highly resistant to wind. In addition, they can take a lot of heavy rain without getting damaged or letting any water seep into your home.  

Furthermore, the granules in the shingles offer solid UV protection, while different additive materials help with fire and algae resistance, among others.

7.   Better Curb Appeal

Last but not least, asphalt shingles simply look amazing! They can fit into any style you have going on and make your home look tidier and more elegant to anyone who passes by.

As such, these shingles can even increase your home value. So, if you’re looking to sell and want to update your roof beforehand, asphalt shingles are an equally affordable and quality choice.

Get Your Roof New Asphalt Shingles

Are you convinced that asphalt shingles are the best way to go for your roof? If so, you should contact Tadlock Roofing today. Together, we can come up with a plan that will suit your needs and budget and ensure your home looks brand new in no time.

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Tadlock Roofing

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